United States financial institutions are crumbling. U.S. troops are being reassigned to our streets to do crowd control(For what?).

Anyone looking at the news feeds this morning might think we are living inside a dark Tim Burton parallel universe movie.

Whatever is going on, one thing is for sure -- it's about fuel. And oil. And politics. And money. And just maybe, just possibly -- it is about greed.

So what's new?

Well, a revolution has begun. It is starting across the country. It is on college campuses. It is in big cities and small towns. It's not a Democratic or Republican revolution to elect a figurehead. It's bigger. Much bigger.

It is a revolution to give every person clean energy that is made by them and for them. It is about new technologies that are already available, new jobs that are waiting to be filled and a new economy that is lying dormant -- waiting for us to pick it up and put it to work. It's about decentralization -- of energy -- of money -- and mostly of our political power.

In less than four weeks, Fuel, the film that has taken a worldwide team of experts, activists and green voices over 10 years to make -- will premiere. It is a powerful movie that received an unprecedented 11 standing ovations at The Sundance Film Festival this year, taking home the coveted Audience Award for Best Sundance Documentary. It is a film that has already been quoted by both presidential candidates. It is a film that has already begun to change the towns and cities in which it has been test screened.

The film is an insightful visual touchstone for what I believe will be this generation's call to arms -- not with violent protests and conflict driven clashes of power like those in the 1960's or those more recent battles like those that surround WTO meetings, but rather a peaceful, rapid revolution fueled by ingenuity, by the web, by simple technologies and mostly by people like you.

Over the upcoming weeks, the Fuel team and I will blog this revolution from the eye of the storm. Our objectives are simple:

1) Take the film to 1,000 screens.

2) Make sure that no less than 10 million Americans see this amazing film.

3) Give people online access to networking tools, information and things to do.

4) And finally, give money back to the communities in which it plays.

The culmination of these accomplishments will be the Fuel Revolution.

The Fuel Revolution stems from a personal commitment many of the Fuel team, and I, hold: that each and every person on earth have access to clean food, clean water, clean air and clean energy and that no child knows war. It is from this context that we begin this clean, peaceful and all pervasive revolution.

I invite you to join us.



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