8:00 PM - American Renewable Energy Day

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A screening of Fields of Fuel will be shown at the Wheeler Opera House at 8:00 PM on Friday August 22.

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For information on other events and speakers from August 21-23 go to the ARE Day website.


Josh Tickell INterview

Hi All! It's Tamara Henry . :) I just wanted to send you a little note to remind you of our upcoming television show, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes from the Gaia Film Festival in Boulder, CO. Plus an interview with Josh Tickell!! On October 6th, Gaia members in Los Angeles will be watching Time Warner Cable channel 43, 77 or 98, and sharing the spiritual films, actors and filmmakers... including special in-studio guest Craig Saavedra, whose film "Sherman's Way" won best feature. http://shermanswayblog.blogspot.com/ "Fields of Fuel" won the best documentary!! IN with Tamara Henry takes you right inside the festival and you will want to attend next year in person. Gaia is made up of the kind of people who change lives--and I say that from experience, because I even got to interview Josh Tickell from "Fields of Fuel"... along with others you may know, such as Peter Russel, Gay Hendricks, Michael Goorjian, Anna Darrah... and many Boulder locals. We will also be releasing the TV show on the world wide web on October the 7th, so if you're not in LA, you can watch it from your home computer. Just go to Tamara's blog at www.TamaraHenry.blogspot.com Just tell your friends to watch! Love, Tamara Henry, M.A.



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