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Fields of Fuel took ten years to make. Literally thousands of people contributed. Amazingly, this world-class film cost under a million dollars to produce and much of that money came from people like you! Sundance marks the completion of a long journey and a celebration for the many people who have given their time and energy to this inspirational film project. We especially want to thank Matter of Trust (, the organization that acted as our fiscal sponsor through the many years of production.

But Fields of Fuel is more than a film. It is a catalyst in a social movement for clean, sustainable, localized energy production. And ultimately, the film is a catalyst for peace.

This year, the Fields of Fuel crew will be joined by 10 biofuel-powered vehicles and over 40 professional educators and outreach personnel on a 50-city nationwide tour. The objective of the tour is to bring green energy to the cities and towns of America – and just as importantly, to make green energy the #1 issue in the 2008 presidential elections.

The Fields of Fuel Community Action Campaign will involve schools, colleges, local leadership and federal leadership in actions that can green our communities and increase their sustainability today.

Join us as we embark on this yearlong journey to add green energy to our country. And please check back here for updates on the development of our tour.

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