From the Biodiesel Caravan Crew

Wednesday, January 16, 2022 Good Morning from Provo, Utah! I am traveling with the biodiesel caravan on our way to the Sundance Film Festival and representing Fields of Fuel. We are an amazing group of 15 traveling in a caravan from Venice, CA to Park City, Utah stopping overnight in Provo, Utah. Our morning started out with a great speech by our fearless biodiesel leader, Josh. What an adventure the last 29 hours have been! Really the last 29 days if you want to be technical. I calculated that our caravan team had an average of 4.5 hours of sleep the night BEFORE we met at 6am to drive from the Fields of Fuel Office in Venice, California to Provo, Utah. That was the average, I was on the low end at 2.0 and the award went to Sarah Rose our online documentarian at 1.0 hours. But she didn’t drive and I did! We hit all kinds of little troubles, the least of which was the muffler of Bruce’s newly acquired 1983 Mercedes 300 D dragging on the highway to snowy conditions at high altitudes with18 wheelers blowing by. But for the most part, I’m left with fun. An extraordinary group of cooperative souls, heading into a 10 day opportunity to introduce 55,000 of this country’s media decision makers to biodiesel. We are all wearing matching white t-shirts with our MAKE FUEL, NOT WAR motto on it. We are all educated and enthusiastic about leaving a mark on the mountain in Park City. And everywhere we go, we communicate the message of this film, that this is an abundant life and that YOU have a choice. 11:30 meeting in the hotel lobby – then fuel the bodies, fuel the vehicles and drive the 3 remaining hours to move in on the Lodge that will house these 17 passionate difference makers for the next 12 days. It’s snow camp with a purpose!

See you on the mountain J

Andrea J. Veggie Lounge Hostess

National Public Radio

I heard Josh's interview on NPR today and found it very interesting, informative and motivational. Sign me up for the bio-diesel revolution! I hope that your caravan is coming to my state because I really want to see this movie and have a better understanding of bio-diesel fuel. I hope you get your message to the politicians and hope they LISTEN. Thank you for getting the message out about your cause! If you need any volunteers to help let me know! I will be there!

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