Day 6: Gaining Momentum

LA indie, soul band, The Jane Does, rocked the FOF premiere party last night at the Red Stag Lodge in Park City, keeping crew members out til the wee hours. (The Jane Does' anti-war song "Who's Kidding Who" is featured in Fields of Fuel.) But it was back to work this morning for the team, starting with more press and a book signing at Sundance’s Giving Suite where copies of Josh's latest book, Biodiesel America, are on sale throughout the festival.

Josh and producer Greg Rietman were interviewed on the local NPR station’s “This Green Earth” show this afternoon along with Sundance co-sponsors Kenneth Hern, CEO of Nova Biosource Fuels, and top Solazyme executives Jonathan Wolfson and Harrison Dillon. Host Karen Dallett, who had seen yesterday’s premiere, praised the film’s call to action and congratulated Solazyme on their new partnership with Chevron -- announced this morning -- in which Chevron Technology Ventures will partner with Solazyme to help turn their algal biodiesel fuel into a large scale reality.

This evening, Woody Harrelson, who appears in FOF and is great supporter of biodiesel, came over for some delicious, vegan vittles care of Chef Jeff. FOF's second sold-out screening is tonight at 9:30.


The Jane Does lead singer, A. R. Tubbs

Woody with the team at headquarters.

Just wanted to say hello!

Hi Josh, Tina, Neal and the rest of the gang. It's Yvette, Neal's girlfriend. Congratulations everybody, hope your all having a great time. The pic's look great, the snow look wonderful and you all look happy. I'm very excited for the film and I want to wish you the best of luck. I'm keeping my finger crossed for you. Tell Neal we miss him here at home. See you all soon! Yvette

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