Some 200 area students gathered for a special Fields of Fuel screening this morning in Salt Lake City as part of The Sundance Film Festival High School Screening Program. Following the film, Josh was on hand to take questions from the students, who came from the following high schools: Lone Peak, East Hollywood, Park City and East.

Immediately translating what they learned from the film into a plan of action, students asked what they can do to help launch biodiesel in their schools. One young woman asked if it was a good idea to take petitions to local gas stations asking them to carry biodiesel.

After the thirty-minute Q&A, we invited the students to go outside and see the Solazyme car that runs on biodiesel fuel made from algae. On way out, they continued to clamor for buttons, pins, and bumperstickers. And made more comments like "Dude, you mean I can use my diesel car? I already have and just put biodiesel in it? Sweet.”

Elsewhere, FOF continued to garner national media attention. Check out this video about Josh and the Veggie Van on AMC:

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Get those buses on biodiesel!

Josh with tomorrow's leaders

Fields of Fuel in Austin at SXSW?

Hey there - this is Jason Burroughs of DieselGreen Fuels in Austin, TX. I'm very passionate about biodiesel and want to help however I can. We started a non-profit cooperative in 2005, and eventually formed a biodiesel distributor. We currently collect thousands of gallons of used cooking oil from local restaurants and provide it to the biodiesel industry, as well as power dozens of Austin vehicles converted to run on straight vegetable oil. I am very disheartened by recent events in our state, including the total ban of biodiesel blends from B21 up to B99 in the most populous counties (including Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio). Our hopes and dreams are built on B99, and are now being put in danger by an overzealous regulatory body. It's an amazing story of struggle and ultimately defeat (although the curtain has quite closed yet!), and I'd be interested in talking with Josh about the major issues facing our industry, such as feedstock pricing, the fact that we export 80% of biodiesel produced in the US, and the food vs fuel debate. Austin has the distinction of having the most biodiesel stations in America (almost 40), while being in the only state where B99 is banned! It's an interesting situation we are just getting used to, as the ban went into effect Jan 1st. Anyway, I know you guys are very busy over there, and I've been watching your progress closely on your website. Congrats on the film opening, we look forward to seeing you when you come to Austin, and please contact me when you can to talk about how we can help with the launch here in Austin in March! -- Jason Burroughs DieselGreen Fuels Visit our website <> 512-391-0569 512-992-8677

keep me updated

where is your spokesperson in utah i am thinking about staring up like a support group for you down here at my school.