Bring Fuel to My School!

“If you’re into education, you can’t refuse to watch this film.”
Andrea Farmer, Atlanta, Georgia

“Every little bit of this film will make a big difference. I was really inspired. It makes you want to go do your part.”

Betty Carpenter

Olathe Unified School District 233, Kansas


“This movie gave me hope for future generations to come, and real things that we can do now. Definitely incorporate this film into your school program.”

Evangeline Avila

East Side Union High School District, San Jose, California


“I loved your movie! It was fantastic! I will definitely, definitely recommend this film to everyone I know.”

Ramona Lewis

Adams County School District 50, Westminster, Colorado


“I was jumping out of my seat! Every school needs to show this to their classes!”

Deborah Davonport

Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia


“I think more people should see this right now, and do something immediately.”

Barbara Bowers

Howard County Public School Systems, Maryland


“It’s something I want to bring back, and tell everyone at the school about.”

Alicia Boykin

Mansfield Unified School District, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas




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